General conditions of car rental at Tunisia Rent Car

We are the company Trust S.A.R.L , a car rental agency in Tunisia.

Car condition :
Trust informs you that the tenant checks the car condition at the beginning and at the end of the car rental.
We will summarize on our car condition contract any damage noted by mutual agreement at the start of the rental. You will be held responsible for any new damage found on the return of car.
Trust serves you the car in good working order.

Driver :
The vehicle can only be driven by the tenant or any other person having received our authorization and registered in the rental contract of the company Trust

Trust Rental Agreement :
Upon confirmation of the car rental, a contract will be established between the rent and the tenant while respecting the rental conditions as well as Tunisian laws.

You are responsible for taking care of the vehicle and returning it in accordance with the provisions of this Rental Agreement Trust

Permis de conduire :
In the event of an accident, Theft, Breakdown and damage, you must inform the Trust agency and the police as soon as possible in the event of injuries.

You are responsible for any prejudice and all costs in the event of key loss ... or paper or damage including the vehicle during your rental.

Minimum age :
Minimum driver age 27 years old.

Driver's license :
Minimum driving license holding period 2 years.

Deposit :
The deposit is included from 400 € depending on the type of car rented.
It is given upon delivery of the car by bank card (TPE) or check or cash .
It is taken in the event of an accident responsible for damage to the vehicle.
The deposit is returned on return of the vehicle and after checks and it (Without finding and in the event of an accident, the costs of repairs and damage will be deducted from the deposit).
All windows, vehicle accessories (buttons, interior seat, carpet, key, spare tire and passenger compartment switch) are not insured.

Prohibited :
The use of a hand-held mobile phone while driving is prohibited
Prohibited from driving a vehicle with a blood alcohol level

Fuel :
Fuel is always charged to the tenant. Unless otherwise stipulated, the vehicle is delivered with a half full tank and must also be returned

Insurance :
Company Trust car rental agency in Tunisia is contracted with Tunisian insurance company star.
The tenant is insured named by name on the rental contract as well as the passengers, and this for the entire duration of the rental until the return of the keys and papers to the Trust company agent..
To declare to trust rent because within 48 hours and immediately to the police authorities for any accident, theft or even partial fire, a report must be established within 24 hours.

Payment :
Payment will always be made on site when arriving in Tunisia In Euro, Tunisian Dinars US dollar ... and at the reception of the rental car. Company Trust on our site, we require neither prepayment nor payment . The reservation is confirmed without any commitment.

Cancellation :
Cancel my reservation, you just have to inform us before 48 hours of the scheduled confirmation date of the rental and it is either directly by phone or by sending a cancellation email to the following address, cancellation is free