At Trust car rental agency, Ride in Tunisia with peace of mind with insurance ++

Company Trust on our site offers two types of insurance.

1) Basic insurance ?

Who is Insured ?
The drivers named on the trust contract are insured as well as the passengers, and this for the entire duration of the rental until the return of the vehicle to the lessor during the opening hours of the Trust Rent Car agency..
The deposit is between 400 € and 2500 € depending on the type of vehicle hired.
It is given on delivery of the vehicle by bank card or check or cash.
It is taken in the event of a responsible accident, damage to the vehicle without a recognized third party and theft.
The deposit is returned on return of the vehicle and after checking it (without finding and in the event of an accident, the costs of repairs, the days of repairs and damage will be deducted from the deposit). Not all windows, key, accessories (buttons, seats and switch in the vehicle interior) spare tire and spare tire tools are insured.
If you are not at fault (subject to the presentation of an amicable report of an automobile accident) we will take care of all the repair costs and we will return the full deposit to you when the vehicle is returned.
The car must be returned in the same condition as on delivery.

2) Insurance ++

100% all risk insurance ++ without excess with TRUST agency.
We offer comprehensive insurance, which means that you will not have to pay a deductible in the event of theft or accident.
We strongly recommend that you rent by subscribing to our Zero Franchise option. In order to opt for the Insurance ++ offer, simply indicate it by email or in observation in the reservation form.
Trust Rent Car Company includes insurance against unpredictable events of car rental in Tunisia (theft, accidents ...). Insurance ++ must be mentioned on the Trust rental contract.
Tunisia-Rentcar (Trust Company): your stay partner in Tunisia .